Formal Tai Chi Lessons in Cairns

Master Su headed back to Beijing on November 12th, 2014. He has left his son Su, Tongxin (Jerry) to look after the Tai Chi enthusiasts in Cairns until he is back next year. Jerry is running regular Tai Chi lessons every Tuesday afternoon 4pm~6pm in the dancing room at Trinity Bay State High School (26-62 Hoare St, Manunda QLD 4870). Jerry is the 21st direct line Chen Style Tai Chi Successor and he is happy to teach Tai Chi at the lowest cost he can afford if you enroll now ($20 per person for 2 hours). Feel free to bring along your friends to enjoy a healthy Chinese life style!


IMG_3671[1]苏大师已于2014年11月12日回北京。凯恩斯太极课程现由其子,陈氏太极第21世传人苏同欣传授。课程时间是每周二下午4点到6点。地点:Trinity Bay State High School 舞蹈教室(26-62 Hoare St, Manunda QLD 4870)。现在报名可以享受低于半价的优惠(两小时课时,每人每课优惠后$20)。如果您有兴趣或想带朋友加入,请联系我们。您也可以周二直接去培训地参加太极课程。如果您有兴趣参加但这次不能出席,也请联系我们。

此外,太极星球国际官网现以开通。 免费网络视频动作教学带正在翻译中。如果您有任何建议,请不吝赐教。