About Tai Chi Chuan

History of Tai Chi Chuan:


Chen Jia Gou (CJG) Chen Style Tai Chi was created by the ninth ancestor Chen, Wangting over 300 years ago during the late Ming Dynasty to early Qing Dynasty. It was later developed into Yang, wǔ, wú, sun and he styles which are regarded as the six major sects of Chinese Tai Chi together with the Chen Style. However, Chen Style Tai Chi is still regarded as the mother of Tai Chi Styles. According to unofficial statistics, there are three hundred million people learning or practising Tai Chi in the world. Tai Chi Chuan originated from traditional Chinese medicine, meridian, breathing technique and traditional Chinese philosophy. It focuses on achieving the balance between Yin and Yang, hardness and softness, swiftness and slowness and combining them with harmony. It is the elite Chinese shadow boxing style that scientifically summarises and combines the essences of health, fitness, recovery and attacking skills.



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